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Encrypt Files 1.5

Encrypt Files 1.5: Free software to securely encrypt files and folders, 13 encryption algorithms! encrypt and password protect your confidential data. It is fast desktop application that supports 13 advanced encryption algorithms including Blowfish, Cast, Ice, Mars RC 2,6 and 4, Rijn Dael, Tripple Des. Encrypt Files shreds files after encryption and makes them hidden in Windows. Encrypt Files has powerfull file shredder integrated so you can permanently remove unwanted files from your system. With Encrypt Files you can encrypt and password protect

JvCrypt 1.0: Protect your files and messages with powerful encryption.
JvCrypt 1.0

encrypted. With JvCrypt, you have the option of removing the source file or files after they have been encrypted. This option allows you to select a file or files, zip the files, encrypt the zip files and finally remove the non-encrypted files after the encrypted file has been created all in one step! (3) Decrypt encrypted zip files. Decrypt an encrypted zip file with ONLY the password that was used to create the encrypted zip file. Encrypted zip

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Encryption Buddy 1.1.1: Encryption Buddy is an easy to use  App for your Mac
Encryption Buddy 1.1.1

Files! Encryption Buddy gives you a an easy way to password protect and encrypt any type of file OR folder! With Encryption Buddy, you are not limited to encrypting just PDF files or just photos. Encryption Buddy will encrypt ALL files or folders. Unlike some apps that just encrypt individual files, Encryption Buddy can now encrypt an entire folder! Encryption Buddy is EASY There is no learning curve with this Mac App; simply drag and drop the files

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SecurityPlus 4.33: Powerful data encryption. encrypt files, file encryption, encrypt folders.
SecurityPlus 4.33

SecurityPlus is a powerful file encryption and file decryption utility, it will encrypt files and encrypt folders. An encrypting files software that comes with a file viewer, thumbnails, slideshow and program selector, runs in the tray. Current passwords (keys) can be quickly cleared and files can be safely deleted (shredded). Other features: zoom, viewer size selection, JPG and dithering options, files list, image info (including CRC).

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CryptArchiver CryptArchiver Encryption Software - Hide & Encrypt Important Files and Folders.

files and folders into an encrypted drive - just like an ordinary drive! CryptArchiver has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. CryptArchiver Lite is encryption software for the desktop. It creates a special Encrypted Drive that can only be accessed with a password. Files stored in this drive are automatically encrypted on-the-fly. Once loaded, the encrypted drive is like any other drive. When you unload the encrypted drive, it disappears from

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Microcrypt Pro - File Encryption 3.184

encrypt documents, files and folders with our super fast triple encryption algorithms. You can encrypt your files for both internal end external uses where external files can be sent over the Internet or via e-mail to any person or destination. Decryption of shared Microcrypt Encrypted files are made by using our free of charge software, Microcrypt Pro x-Reader. To decrypt external or shared files, all the other party needs is the original encrypted

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ID Data Encrypt 1.2: ID Data Encrypt is a high quality encrypting program to secure your files.
ID Data Encrypt 1.2

Encrypts files and folders - Decrypts encrypted files - Runs very quickly and efficiently - Uses reliable algorithms - Safely deletes or saves encrypted files Detailed features: - Encrypts all of the files you wish to keep private. If you need to keep files, folders and even complete directory trees away from anybody else`s eyes, you can safely encrypt those files, keeping them under a password secure system. - Retains a cryptographic library including

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